What is the meaning of social justice?  What is the purpose of education?  Is it possible to have one without the other?  These and other questions are on our minds this year as we, nine Overlake students and two teachers, come to the American South to see, feel, touch and learn about a place and time we don’t know. 

Our itinerary will take us first to Memphis, the Birthplace of Rock n’ Roll, where we’ll sample southern delicacies and explore the great cultural museums of this great city.  Elivs, BB King, Gus’s Fried Chicken–now this is living! 

Next, we’ll be under the giant oaks in Oxford, home of Faulkner and the place that made James Meredith famous.  We’ll learn from scholars there about Meredith and his times, now 51 years past, when the army patrolled the streets and mayhem temporarily reigned, all in the name of integration. 

Later that same day, we’ll be in Philadelphia, a place of very little brotherly love in Mississippi in 1964, when three civil rights workers were murdered at the outset of Freedom Summer.  We’ll walk the streets and explore the places where these notorious crimes took place.   

McComb is our most important stop, where we’ll join with students at McComb High School to interview an anti-racism activist and travel with them around southwestern Mississippi, exploring the hallowed ground upon which they live, and learning from the community elders who lived in the days of great change in the second half of the last century.

Our adventures will end in New Orleans, the Sliver by the River, looking for clues to its mysteries in the cemeteries, historic neighborhoods and winding alleyways.  The trip will be over before we know it!

This is a very big country.  Traveling from the Northwest to the South is an education in and of itself.  Add in racks of the tastiest ribs in the world, platters of fried chicken with all the fixings, and nine wonderfully inquisitive young people, and suddenly, you’ve got a trip! 

Read along and join us!


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